What You Should Know About New Construction in Smyrna

What You Should Know About New Construction in Smyrna

  • Intown Collective
  • 10/31/22

Many people who love big cities eventually reach a point where they decide it's time to settle down in the local suburbs. This is where a beautiful city like Smyrna comes in. In this Atlanta suburb, there’s a whole host of beautiful homes ready for aspiring owners. If you’re looking for new construction, in particular, there are a few things necessary to learn beforehand. After all, new construction isn’t the same as pre-owned or custom homes, so prepare yourself properly to buy the best Smyrna, Georgia, homes for sale.

The cost of a new home

When looking at new construction in Smyrna, Georgia, you should notice the subtle pricing differences between the average homes and the freshly built ones. For many decades, new builds have cost roughly 17% more than resales. The real estate business has historically documented this trend since the 1960s.

However, it always depends on what houses you're exploring. After all, there’s a lot of overlap between resale prices and new construction. In Smyrna, there are over 1000 options for new constructions from $400,000 to $1 million. Meanwhile, previously owned homes cost $170,000 to $13 million, so you could purchase a resale that costs more than new construction. It simply depends on the specific locations, home sizes, architecture styles, etc., that interest you.

If you want a large, hyper-customized luxury home on a large piece of land, just know that you likely won’t find that in new construction. You’re more likely to have to buy one of the previously owned luxury Smyrna, Georgia, homes for sale or build a custom one yourself.

The model mistake

A staple of new construction is the model home. This is a completed house by the builder that exists for potential buyers to walk through. It helps future homeowners see what kind of house they might have if they work with the builder. Sometimes, when people look at model homes, they make the incorrect assumption that this is exactly what their house will look like. While cookie-cutter homes were typical in the past, they’ve fallen somewhat out of style. Therefore, any model home you see won't be your exact future home. The new construction in Smyrna, Georgia that you purchase will likely have a different layout with added features you’ve discussed with your builder.

So avoid getting attached to the model house. While it's a good starting point, your house won't look precisely the same unless you buy the model home itself. Going in prepared like this can also be a good reminder that if there are details you don't like in the model, you can change them. You and the builder can discuss altering anything before they start work on your house (as long as your requests are within reason, of course).

Ask questions

Every new construction builder is different. Because of that, it’s in your best interest to ask dozens of questions about any Smyrna, Georgia, homes for sale that interest you. Communicate every concern with your builder, so you're both on the same page. The best topics to ask about include the lot's possible inclusion in the price, the building schedule, or the chance of an HOA. The answers to these questions might change your opinion on the home entirely. For example, if the timeline for the build is a year away, but you have to move in a few months, it simply might not be the place for you.

Still inspect

No matter how beautifully fresh any new construction in Smyrna, Georgia, is, that doesn’t mean you should forsake regular home-purchasing procedures. This is especially true of home inspections. You may think the home is new, so an inspector is a waste of money. Trust us, that’s not true. Many home inspectors have horror stories of inspecting new construction and finding hidden issues. After all, the builder could’ve cut corners in a clever, unnoticeable way that tricks you into thinking everything’s perfect when it isn’t. Even the best, most reputable builder can make a mistake.

For the integrity of your future home, get it inspected. Worst case scenario, you lose a couple of hundred bucks to be sure your home won’t start falling apart in a few years and cost you even more money.

Finding new construction

In the case of new construction, sometimes the listings aren’t as easy to find as going on Zillow or Trulia. After all, builders tend to work on a whole neighborhood at a time. While they might list one or two lots, you might not be able to see all the options without contacting the builder. Sometimes, they only advertise on their websites if their work is popular enough.

When looking for newly constructed Smyrna, Georgia, homes for sale, the easiest way to find them is to go to the source. To do this, use your favorite search engine and type in “Smyrna new construction homes for sale.” On average, that should send you to specific listings or sites that show the top new construction in your area.

Also, you could drive around your favorite areas/neighborhoods and see if any freshly built homes are popping up. Normally, the builder will put up a sign that you can call and ask about their new construction in Smyrna, Georgia.

Research the builder

While everyone loves to focus on a pretty house, no amount of beautiful trim or great layout design makes up for a poor builder. Before you pull any triggers and buy new construction, do thorough research on the builder. Have they built other neighborhoods like this? Do they have good testimonials and reviews on their website? Do they even have a website? Do they have any specializations that you love (luxury, open floor plan) or ones that might clash with your style?

The more information you can find about the builder's online presence, previous clients, and floor plans, the better. If you love everything you see, you can move forward in the process of buying one of the stunning new construction in Smyrna, Georgia.

Are you ready to think about building in Smyrna?

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