6 Easy Tips For Relocating to Smyrna

6 Easy Tips For Relocating to Smyrna

  • Intown Collective Team
  • 02/27/23

Fifteen miles northwest of Atlanta lies the vibrant city of Smyrna, one of the region’s most desirable and peaceful places to live. Its charming neighborhoods and amenity-rich downtown area have distinguished Smyrna as a premier destination for real estate seekers and small businesses alike, garnering new residents every year. If you are drawn to Smyrna’s pastoral charm and proximity to Atlanta without the congestion and noise, you’ll want to pocket these eight easy tips for relocating to Smyrna before you begin a big move.

Visit Smyrna first

As with every city, you should pay a visit to Smyrna before committing to it. A short weekend trip is fine to begin familiarizing yourself with the city, but it’s preferable to spend at least one to two weeks as a guest before you commit yourself to residency. Chat it up with a few locals and learn about the city directly from its longtime residents. Get to know the local restaurants and amenities, as well as historical landmarks and other points of interest.
Ask about the lifestyle. Smyrna is generally a tranquil community. If you’re looking for the bustling city life and excitement of Atlanta, Smyrna may not be the best place for you.
Of course, you won’t know if Smyrna suits you and your family unless you experience a taste beforehand. Plan a trip first — it’ll make relocating to Smyrna significantly easier.

Research Smyrna ordinances and laws

Every city is subject to its own individual code of ordinances and laws that are not necessarily shared across the state. A majority of these ordinances concern property and business, while other common regulations include public parks, parking zones, yard maintenance, storage, and trash/recycling collection. In Smyrna, the most common violations are the improper parking or storage of vehicles or boats, selling vehicles and related services in unauthorized locations, little to no routine maintenance of property lawns, and trash/recycling bins on the street past the time of collection, just to name a few.
Take some time to research the city and its code enforcement. You should always know what to anticipate before you end up with an unpleasant surprise down the line.

Find a local real estate agente

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The most knowledgeable people about Smyrna have to be the local real estate agents. Often longtime residents of the community or a neighboring town, real estate agents know all there is to know about the location, lifestyle, people, and climate of the region. Not only that, but real estate agents will also assist you with relocating to Smyrna. They are master negotiators and real estate experts, enabling them to offer their clients smooth and speedy transactions with minimal hassle. Look for a knowledgeable, experienced realtor with a good reputation to help you find and buy a home that suits you and your family’s needs. They may even land you a better deal than you would receive should you buy a home without their aid. What’s more, home buyers don’t pay for an agent’s commission; the seller does. There’s no reason not to recruit a reliable agent to your team!

Browse the Smyrna real estate market

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Although relocating to a new city is a lengthy venture, it doesn’t hurt to browse the housing market in advance and gain a better idea of what kind of home you want and the location you prefer. The Smyrna market includes a variety of rustic and colonial-style condos and townhomes, along with beautiful estates and manors representing the unification of colonial and modern architectural styles. You are sure to find a gorgeous home that fulfills your unique style.
Keep in mind that the housing supply is at an all-time low, meaning these homes may not last much longer on the market before they are snatched up by other buyers. Begin browsing right away once you have fully set your heart on moving to Smyrna.

Learn about Smyrna’s history

Originally settled in 1831 by the colonists of Georgia, Smyrna came to serve as a place of religious worship without prejudice in 1832, first as a campground open to members of all denominations. In 1838, the Methodist Church was founded, but other denominations continued to practice at the campground, which came to be known as the center for social and religious life.
The railroad development of the 1800s also played a role in Smyrna’s growth as a city, but even as industry and railroad commerce prospered, Smyrna’s economy continued to thrive primarily on agriculture. To this day, Smyrna retains its “small town” atmosphere and charm and endures as a welcoming community.
Of course, there is more to the history of Smyrna. The city invites you to visit the Smyrna Historical Society through the Smyrna Museum to learn more about its story.

Prepare for the climate

One of the most important aspects to research about before relocating to a new city is the climate. In Smyrna, the summers are typically hot and muggy, with moderate humidity levels. Although the winters are short, they are considerably cold and wet, with high levels of precipitation. The average temperature throughout the year ranges between 34 to 89 degrees, with extremes generally dropping no less than 21 degrees or no higher than 95 degrees.
In addition, Smyrna is designated a high-risk area for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, making it imperative that you learn about the respective safety precautions if you’re coming from an area without these risks.

Ready to get started?

Now that you know what to anticipate before relocating to Smyrna, it’s time to get started on the home search. Before you begin, reach out to the Intown Collective, a highly skilled team of elite real estate agents specializing in Smyrna and the surrounding area. One of their top agents is ready to guide you through your move to the lovely city of Smyrna.

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