Film & Entertainment


The Intown Collective Film & Entertainment Division specializes in providing creative clients with the curated tools to buy and sell residential and luxury real estate. 

For years Atlanta has been an entertainment magnet, attracting millions of exciting projects involving a variety of industries. Since establishing itself as the Film Industry haven of the South with hundreds of your favorite shows and movies filmed right here in our backyard, it’s solidified its presence by creating hundreds of new jobs and opportunities for growth. In addition to becoming one of the top 3 production hubs in the country, Atlanta’s eclectic music scene and thriving sports teams add to the allure of the rich culture and increasing heart beat of our city. 

That’s how our Film & Entertainment Division at Intown Collective came to be. Our team is rooted in multiple aspects of the Film & Entertainment Industry including Film with Director, Amber Nuekum and Actor, Kellam Nabers along with the Intown Collective founders Christina Patrick and Lauren Rasmussen having ties to the Music and Sports Industries.  

Whether we are helping you, your family, or friends relocate to the Atlanta area for any aspect of the Film & Entertainment Industry, or finding your new local dream home for your next chapter, The Film & Entertainment Division of Intown Collective is passionate about supporting the Atlanta creative community to find their home. 

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