Top 8 Home Upgrades to Make Your Buckhead Home Shine

Top 8 Home Upgrades to Make Your Buckhead Home Shine

  • Intown Collective
  • 10/31/22

Buckhead boasts unmatched architectural designs and landscapes in the South, with picture-perfect tree-lined residential streets, upscale malls, and a unique artsy scene. Being a homeowner surrounded by such a luxurious aura, it's critical to ensure your Buckhead home has the upgrades that befit the high-end lifestyle. A prospective homebuyer typically associates a luxury façade design with a refined interior design. Therefore, it would be best to ensure your home's interior design and arrangement matches its elegant exterior.

You can partner with Intown Collective to redesign and curate your dream home. We are a team of certified interior designers and home stagers that takes a holistic approach to real estate. With our extensive knowledge of the Buckhead GA real estate market, we understand the character of homes in the area. Our designers and stagers are ready to offer an elevated experience, whether you're staging your on-market home or upgrading your home to optimize its function.

Perhaps you've been thinking of incorporating a modern design throughout your home's interior or upgrading an outdated kitchen; whatever the project, we've discussed the top eight (8) practical home upgrades to help you transform your Buckhead home into a luxurious space.

8 Home Upgrades to Make Your Buckhead Home Shine

As time passes, even your curated interior décor can start to look tired and dull. Performing occasional upgrades and renovations maintains your home in an ever aesthetic condition. With proper planning, creativity, and a keen eye for detail, you can change your home into a palatial perfection. Here are eight unique ideas to help you achieve the home you envisioned.

1. Coordinate Colors

A carefully chosen color scheme is an excellent means to kick-start your interior design ambitions. You can choose a monochrome palette for a minimalistic look that adds a sleek and contemporary character to any room. However, when it comes to family rooms – such as the lounge, dining, or living room – it would be best to consider warm colors, such as red and orange hues.

Remember, the color scheme you choose should complement the permanent fixtures within the space. For example, if your sofa features a sophisticated ornate pattern, it wouldn't be the best idea to throw in a luminous, clashing color like lime green or hot pink. Instead of having different colors vying for a guest's attention, let the patterned, larger fixtures dictate the overall color and pattern; only introduce the color palette as a complementary addition.

2. Lighting

The lighting combination you choose for your home's interior depends on various factors, such as the room you're working on and personal preference. However, the dining room, kitchen, and living room should be well-lit, while hidden rooms like bedrooms or guest rooms can do with less light.

It's worth noting that lighting is not exclusively functional but also decorative. A chandelier-style lighting fixture in the dining room adds a luxurious and vibrant feel to the space while providing guests with a talking point. Meanwhile, lamps placed strategically on end tables are cozy and atmospheric.

Smart Blinds

Smart lighting fixtures like smart blinds are one of the modern, tech-first window treatments that can significantly enhance your home's interior comfort. With smart blinds, you won't have to be rudely awakened by blazing sunrays as they block out unnecessary sunlight. These tech-first window treatments allow you to schedule a wake-up call to let in natural light without maneuvering through obstacles to open the blinds.

Not only do motorized blinds offer modern convenience, but they also help you save on your monthly utility bills by saving energy. You can program the shades to work according to your schedule, thus providing more insulation, alleviating unnecessary AC costs, and protecting your furniture from the destructive UV rays.

3. Upgrade Internal Doors

Many Buckhead homeowners are often complacent with the original doors they found in a home, especially the interior doors. Changing them is something that rarely crosses homeowners' minds, but most of them (and even some professional designers) underestimate the impact that door upgrades can have on a room's ambiance.

A well-fitting door can have a transformative effect when perfectly matched with a room's interior. For instance, white or glazed doors blend perfectly with a contemporary theme, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Otherwise, you can choose darker wood like walnut to add a historic and traditional character to dining rooms and lounges.

As a property owner, you may not consider switching doors a DIY task, but it's a relatively manageable job when you involve a professional interior designer. An expert, seasoned designer knows reputable home improvement stores in Atlanta and can help you choose the best door design and color that matches your home's overall theme.

4. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom renovations are quite involved because of the extensive plumbing work integrated into the space. While installing modern, luxury materials – such as marble and stone – might be relatively costly, bathroom remodels typically offer the highest ROI with the most significant long-term property value increment. You might be thinking of adding a master bathroom in your bedroom or converting a small tiny half-bath into a relaxing, spa-style full-size bath; whatever your project, you can be sure that your renovation is well worth the effort.

5. Decorations

When including decorations to achieve your dream interior, every element on display should match your immaculate and personal taste. Therefore, rid the space of anything you don't find beautiful or useful, but if you find decorative options that check the two boxes, that's an added advantage.

Ornaments, plants, family photographs, and wall art are household adornments you can use to add a little character to any room while letting your personal signature flow through. If you think your collection of decorations could use additional elements, try adding a bookshelf with a row of attractive hardcovers to give the space a touch of class and intellectualism. Additionally, have a selection of well-loved paperbacks in the lounge or bedroom to add a cozy character to these living spaces.

6. Kitchen Upgrades

Like a bathroom renovation, a kitchen overhaul may set you back several hundreds of dollars, but it's one of the projects with the greatest value for your investment. To many, the kitchen is the heart of a home and an integral space contributing to the home's comfort.

There are various ways you can update the kitchen. For instance, you can add extra cabinets to close gaps in the kitchen or reface the existing ones. Applying a fresh coat of paint and replacing the hardware is a surefire means of achieving a new look.

For a high-end finish that brings the kitchen together, you can add an island to expand the working space in your kitchen. If you already have an island, replace the countertop with a modern, high-end material like granite. Besides being a focal point in the kitchen, an island also provides more sitting room to enable everyone to sit and enjoy a family dinner.

7. Fancy Fabric

Fancy fabric can enhance a well-thought-out room design with a great finishing touch. A coordinated color scheme, such as a blend of jewel and warm tones, can be harmonized by a complementary set of fabrics like new curtains and cushion covers. You can also throw in an opulent, fleecy rug to create an instant centerpiece in any room.

As a soft, classy room upgrade, try investing in a luxury carpet for your bedroom or living room. Not only does it add elegance to the space, but it's also comfortable for the feet. A great option is a plush Saxony carpet with densely packed fibers and shifting color tones that create a premium and inviting atmosphere.

8. Heated Floors

Installing a radiant floor heating system brings luxury to any room, whether in the bathroom or basement. Heated floors are a great asset, especially during the colder months, and provide modern convenience as you can regulate the temperatures and heating time with the push of a button.

Furthermore, radiant floor heating systems are energy efficient. Traditional radiators typically run at 149◦ - 167◦ F to heat a room, but floor heating systems operate at 84◦ F for effective heating. Because of their high energy efficiency, you can save up to 15% on monthly utility bills while enjoying the coziness, comfort, and convenience of radiant floor heating.

Why Hire an Interior Designer for Home Staging

Your approach to home staging can make or break your prospects of selling a home. Sometimes homeowners list their properties on the market and set up an open house, but no buyers demonstrate the willingness to close the deal. The chances are that the home looks too lived in or completely bare, and that deters potential homebuyers.

A professional interior designer with home staging experience can help you arrange and refine your home's interior and stage it properly to help buyers visualize themselves in the home. A home stager can create an inviting interior look with an arrangement that maximizes the home's floor plan for optimum functionality.

Additionally, a professional home stager understands the character of luxury properties in the Buckhead, GA real estate market. They know the nitty-gritty involved in creating the best interior design that resonates with the neighborhood. Combine the home upgrades mentioned above with the expertise of an interior designer, and you can be sure that your home will sell faster at a higher market value.

Partner with Intown Collective and Curate Your Dream Lifestyle

Whether you're buying or selling a home or simply want to transform your home into paradise perfection, you can count on Intown Collective to make that dream come true. As certified interior designers and home stagers, we are obsessed over every detail that goes into the process, helping you stage your home for success or achieve the elegant interior you've always envisioned. Contact us today and get professional interior design and home staging services.

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