Top 7 Places to Shop in Morningside

Top 7 Places to Shop in Morningside

  • Intown Collective Team
  • 01/18/23

Are you considering relocating to Morningside, GA, and want to know where to go for retail therapy when you’re in the area? Whether you are shopping for an entirely new wardrobe for your new life in Morningside or a few decor items to help accentuate your home, this guide can help! Read on for the seven best Morningside shopping venues every resident needs to check out!

1. Morningside Farmers Market

If you like supporting local businesses, you must shop at the Morningside Farmers Market. Here you can find an extensive selection of fruits and vegetables, all of which have been certified as organic. In addition, you can stroll along the rows and rows of stands and socialize with the local farmers and neighbors. It is also a gathering place where friends can meet friends, or families can bring along their kids and dogs. Every Saturday morning from 8:00-11:30 a.m., you should head down to the Morningside Farmers Market for fresh produce for the week. In addition, you could even grab a fresh, vibrant bouquet for a loved one.

2. Alon’s Bakery and Market

After picking up a weekly batch of fresh produce, you could stop at Alon’s Bakery and Market. Since 1992, Alon’s Bakery and Market has been committed to providing an authentic European market experience. You can find a variety of homemade baked goods, bread, pastries, cakes, and chocolates. Recognized as one of the 10 best eateries, you can be assured of top-notch quality as you dine in the warm, aromatic atmosphere and enjoy a delicious handcrafted pastry or a gourmet sandwich. Whether you wish to order a large selection of sandwiches or hors d'oeuvres for your entire family or work crew, or you are simply in need of something sweet, Alon’s Bakery and Market can fulfill your requirements!

3. Megan Huntz

In the Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, you can find the flagship and exclusive luxury shop for women’s apparel at the one and only Megan Huntz. First opened in 2018, award-winning Megan Huntz quickly became a local favorite in its commitment to locally producing luxury garments using high-quality materials such as silk, linen, wool, and other sustainable fabrics.
Megan Huntz is also known for taking remnants of older or no-longer-sold fabrics and turning them into a beautiful and enchanting new creation. At Megan Huntz, you can find a wide array of styles geared for nearly every age, generation, and kind of woman, from timeless pieces to seasonal and evening dresses. Whether you wish for an entirely new wardrobe or to simply update it with a few choice (and elegant) pieces, Megan Huntz should be your go-to Morningside shopping destination!

4. Natural Body Spa & Shop

After shopping at Megan Huntz, you can head over to the adjacent Natural Body Spa & Shop. In 2022, Jezebel Magazine named this award-winning spa and shop the Best Day Spa in the Atlanta metropolitan area. As a favorite by locals over the past three decades, the Natural Body Spa and Shop is the destination for all your body treatment needs. From massages and body therapies to facials and waxing, you can find a wide array of services to give your body the ultimate world-class experience. Whether you want to relax and detoxify your body or do some maintenance, the Natural Body Spa and Shop can help. The shop is staffed by highly certified and licensed therapists and doctors so that they will provide a personalized experience geared to your needs.

5. Nouveau Boutique Jewelry

Whether you wish to restore an old vintage family piece or add a new piece to your collection, you need to check out the fabulous Nouveau Boutique Jewelry! At the Nouveau Boutique Jewelry, you can find a variety of timeless and contemporary pieces for many different occasions, from weddings to holidays. The many designer pieces at this boutique have been handcrafted using high-quality gemstones and other metals. As for the vintage pieces have been carefully restored to their original glory for future generations to continue to enjoy. Nouveau Boutique Jewelry is your Morningside shopping destination for all your jewelry needs!

6. Highland Fine Wine

For wine lovers, you need to check out Highland Fine Wine. Here, you can find an extensive collection of wines from nearly every corner of the world. From Pinot Noir produced in the Dundee Hills area to Cabernet Sauvignon from the beautiful hilly Napa Valley landscape, there are countless wines to choose from. There are also reserve wines of every kind from many different countries. Highland Fine Wine hosts weekly wine tastings every Saturday afternoon, offering an energetic and vibrant atmosphere to socialize while trying select high-quality wines. There are also a variety of gourmet chocolates and crackers that you can pair with your wine.

7. Vann Jernigan Florist

If you want to decorate your new home with a fresh bouquet or give a gift to a loved one, you might want to head over to Vann Jernigan Florist. At Vann Jernigan Florist, you can find a variety of arrangements that can satisfy nearly every occasion, from proms and weddings to celebratory and get-well flowers. Furthermore, you can get a carefully arranged bouquet to use as the centerpiece for your dining room table or some indoor and outdoor plants to liven up your Morningside home. Every bouquet is carefully curated, so you can be sure it will match your needs and lifestyle! Plus, you can support a local business by shopping at Vann Jernigan Florist!

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