Top 6 Morningside Restaurants

Top 6 Morningside Restaurants

  • Intown Collective
  • 01/23/23

Are you considering buying a home in the prestigious neighborhood of Morningside? Or have you just relocated to Morningside and wondered what dining options you have? There are many varied and distinct restaurants in and around the Morningside neighborhood in the Atlanta metropolitan area. From Italian to Indian cuisine, many options satisfy every palate and occasion. Read on for the Intown Collective’s six favorite Morningside restaurants!

1. Nowak’s Morningside

Whether you are craving steak or seeking a romantic night out with your partner, you need look no further than Nowak’s! As a restaurant that proudly boasts that it serves the best steak in the entire Atlanta metropolitan area, it certainly does not disappoint. At first glance, Nowak’s seems to blend in with the other shops and restaurants on North Highland Avenue, but do not let the exterior fool you! Upon first stepping inside the spacious and charming, warmly lit restaurant, you will be enchanted by the hanging chandelier, brick walls, vibrant paintings, and world-class service. You can find classics such as Filet Mignons, New York Strips, and Rib-Eyes on the menu. You might want to try the Nowak burger for something that is decidedly local. You can pair these exquisite creations with an extensive wine or cocktail list. Thanks to a warm atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and excellent service, you will want to come again and again to the best steakhouse in the Atlanta area!

2. Whiskey Bird

For commuters coming home after a long day at work or those seeking a refreshing pick-me-up, turn to the Whiskey Bird! The Whiskey Bird is a quaint and chic casual eatery specializing in American cuisine with an Asian flare. For instance, you might find exquisite food options such as Sesame Panko Crusted Chicken made with sushi rice and dipped in gochujang ranch or poke bowls with mango, edamame, and radish.

You can also choose from a selection of carefully curated creative cocktails and whiskeys. You can dine inside the chic restaurant with lush green plants, expansive windows, and vibrant lights under the ornately designed industrial ceiling. The casual and chic atmosphere even extends to the design of the facade. Or, if you need to pick up something on your daily afternoon commute home, you can order something from its accompanying sister restaurant, Little Bird. With excellent service and fantastic food, it is no wonder that the Whiskey Bird has been recognized as one of the top 100 restaurants in Atlanta!

3. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

If you are craving authentic Southern cuisine, you need to head to Fat Matt’s Rib Shack! At Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, you can enjoy many southern favorites such as collard greens, sweet potato pie, potato salad, and baked beans. Depending on your fancy, the main course is either a slab of ribs or chicken. You can top either one with Fat Matt’s original barbecue sauce, which is loudly proclaimed as neither too sweet nor spicy but just enough to compliment your meat. Whether you enjoy a juicy slab of award-winning ribs or chicken, you can watch live performances with accompanying soothing blues music. You will want to come again and again to this casual and fun locale to enjoy the best southern cooking in Atlanta!

4. The Colonnade

For another Southern-influenced option amongst Morningside restaurants, you might want to consider The Colonnade! Initially founded in 1927, The Colonnade has been considered an institution and a local favorite. Recognized by USA Today as one of the top ten restaurants in the Atlanta metropolitan area, The Colonnade is beloved for its warm, family-friendly environment and delicious, highly-rated Southern cuisine. Here, you can find favorites such as their infamous Southern Fried Chicken, Southern Pork Schnitzel, and much more. When eating inside the carpeted and warmly lit cozy dining room surrounded by paintings, you will experience an uncanny family-like atmosphere. There are also comfortable couches and a fireplace so that you will immediately feel right at home. Enjoy the best in fine southern cuisine only at The Colonnade!

5. Jai Ho Indian Kitchen

If you are in the mood for some authentically prepared Indian cuisine, then Jai Ho Indian Kitchen should be your next destination! Located in the fabulous Krog Street Market in the center of Inman Park, this restaurant is paired alongside a diverse range of other electrifying and delicious cuisines. As Jai Ho Indian Kitchen is a chef-crafted restaurant, you can have the peace of mind that it delivers authentic Indian food straight to the streets of Atlanta.

At Jai Ho Indian Kitchen, you can find delicious cuisine such as biryanis and naan wraps with all the flavors that Indian cuisine is well known for. You can dine in or grab something on-the-go while strolling through the rest of the Krog Street Market!

6. Nino’s Italian Restaurant

If you are searching for a romantic night out with your partner or a fun event with friends, then you might like Nino’s, the oldest family-owned Italian restaurant in the city. Recognized by USA Today as one of the best restaurants in Atlanta, Nino’s Italian Restaurant offers classic, authentic Italian cuisine. Having been established in the city for half a century, Nino’s is a much-anticipated venue amongst locals and visitors alike. Led by a chef from the southern Italian region, the restaurant is committed to bringing authentic Italian cuisine straight to Atlanta. Whether sitting in a cozy booth or at a white tablecloth table in a warmly lit room, you will enjoy world-class service, classy decor, and delectable cuisine. At Nino’s, you can expect to find a variety of Italian pasta, including some vegetarian options. You can pair your meal with a selection from the extensive wine list.

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