The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

  • Intown Collective Team
  • 01/30/23

Are you considering selling your Atlanta home? Are you wondering when you should list your home and if the right timing even matters? Timing is essential, and listing your home at the right time can drastically improve your chances of a quick sale. Sell at the wrong time, and you risk your home staying on the market longer than it should. Read on to find out when is the best time to list so that you get many offers on your Atlanta home for sale!

1. The weekend

One popular misconception about selling is that the weekend is the best time to list a home. After all, it is on Saturday and Sunday when many people have time off and are free to engage in various leisure activities. For those in the market to buy a home, the weekend presents itself as the best time to begin searching and touring homes. While this is true, it is also important to remember that many people have their weekends planned out. If you were to list your Atlanta home on a Saturday or Sunday, then home buyers might not be able to fit in your home showing between visits to other houses, fun activities, and trips to the local grocery store. Home buyers might even have forgotten about your home when their next available day off comes around. By listing on a Saturday, home buyers might see your home but will simply not have time to visit due to the extensive list of things to do.
Sundays are also not much better as they are often packed with activities. In addition, some home buyers like to spend their Sundays relaxing and unwinding, and visiting homes is often the furthest thing from their minds. Furthermore, only 13% of all homes across the country are listed on a Sunday, and those homes tend to take a week longer to sell. For these reasons, Sunday is the worst day to list a home in Atlanta.

2. The beginning of the week

Many people might think that listing a home on a Monday or Tuesday would be ideal. After all, it is the start of the work week when plans are being made. However, at the beginning of the week, many sellers are thinking about work. Many prospective homebuyers often work a grueling eight or nine-hour shift, and afterward, they head home to start the cycle over again. They simply have no time to begin the home search at the beginning of the week as they are busy with work. Even if a home was listed and viewed on a Monday, homebuyers might not have the time or energy to attend a showing. When the weekend rolls around, home buyers might have forgotten about the home or found a new one. For these reasons, Mondays and Tuesdays are not the best days to list a home.

3. The end of the week

It is only when the end of the week is in sight that homebuyers begin contemplating and making plans for the upcoming weekend. If they are looking for a new home, they will likely begin the search at the end of the week. Prospective home buyers can begin perusing listings to visit open houses when most are scheduled on the weekend. Furthermore, basic psychology dictates that people generally remember the last things in a sequence the best. Listing at the end of the week ensures that your home will be fresh on buyers’ minds as they begin touring possible homes over the weekend. Listing a home on Thursday or Friday is optimal.
The numbers also show why listing a home on Thursday is often the best option. By listing a home on a Thursday, you can expect to sell your home for $3,000 more than you would be able to if you had listed on a Monday. Furthermore, homes listed on a Thursday tend to go under contract about five days faster than those listed at the beginning of the week.
To ensure that many people will see your home, some real estate agents even suggest listing a home at the end of the day Wednesday. That way, your home will often be the first home that prospective home buyers will see on Thursday morning. By listing a home on Wednesday, you can thus beat out the competition and even sell for more. Homes listed on Wednesday tend to sell for $2,000 above the sales price. When your home is one of the first homes buyers see, you have a certain advantage of selling for more. As for listing on a Friday, it might often be too late as the market is already inundated with listings, and buyers might already have found a few homes to visit.

4. Consider the season

Listing a home on a Thursday can help maximize your chances of a quick sale. However, there is a difference between listing a home on a Thursday that falls on Thanksgiving Day versus listing in the spring. Generally, the best season to list a home is in the spring, when the weather is warmer and the flowers bloom. This is also the time when many home buyers start searching for homes. Sellers, too, like to host open houses in the spring when the beautiful sunny weather that Atlanta is well known for can present their homes in the best possible light.
When determining what day to list a home, consider a Thursday in the spring when the weather is often beautiful and sunny. Check the weather forecast to ensure it is not projected to rain over the weekend, as it could damage your open house prospects. By listing a home on a Thursday in the spring, you will be able to present your home to as many interested home buyers as possible for a quick sale!

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