6 Reasons Sports Fans Love Intown Atlanta

6 Reasons Sports Fans Love Intown Atlanta

  • Intown Collective
  • 11/7/22

Down in Georgia, people enjoy peaches and pecans, rich history, and thriving sports communities. While the Atlanta sports teams aren’t the most successful in their leagues, that doesn’t stop the local area from being packed with sports-related highlights. Atlanta is filled with arena fans, recreational clubs, and a thriving sports culture woven into the community.

If you’re a sports lover looking for a new life adventure, moving to Midtown Atlanta homes for sale could be the best move you’ll ever make.

Professional sports teams

Despite sports being so popular throughout the U.S., Atlanta is only one of 14 cities with four or more major sports teams. Near Intown Atlanta real estate, you can find the Falcons (football), the Hawks (basketball), the Braves (baseball), and Atlanta United (soccer). Meanwhile, Atlanta also has a flourishing racing community for adults and young people.

Because of this wide range of sports, Atlanta locals can enjoy games throughout the year. The weather also makes these events fun year-round because there's no snow to shiver through while you watch a December game.

Also, some of these teams set record attendance numbers. Whether the home team wins or loses, locals love to catch a thrilling game. For example, the Atlanta United team holds games in the popular Mercedes Benz Stadium. Of the top five most-attended Major League Soccer (MLS) games, all of them were Atlanta United games. Over 71,000 people watched these record-setting matches. So,

If you’re looking for Midtown Atlanta homes for sale, join in on the local stadium hype. Other thrilling local arenas include the Atlanta Motor Speedway, State Farm Arena, Road Arena, and Trust Park.

College sports teams

While the big leagues are exciting, Atlanta is also a major hub for the college sports scene. For sports fans who love the competition and young energy of college sports, that’s absolutely thrilling. Throughout the year, Atlanta hosts a handful of major collegiate competitions in basketball and football, from the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl to the Cricket Challenge Kickoff Game. However, the most exciting, most recent event Atlanta has hosted was the NCAA Final Four, most recently in 2020.

If you’re a sports fan moving to Intown Atlanta real estate, there are quite a few local teams to root for. For example, Georgia State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta both have Division I athletic programs. However, if you crave more sports, feel free to enjoy sports at other local colleges like Emory University.

Sports bars

Photo courtesy of Punch Bowl Social

When you can’t get to a stadium, head to the second best option: a sports bar. Sports bars are great places to watch your favorite activity and meet up with fellow fans. The food and booze are just a bonus.

Some of the best sports bars near Midtown Atlanta homes for sale include Doc’s Food and Spirit, Fado Irish Pub, and the Punch Bowl Social. However, there are dozens of amazing sports bars throughout the city. Wherever you move, find the closest one and enjoy every Sunday Night Football with other cheering fans. Become part of the Atlanta community with one beer and a Braves game.

Sports history

Photo courtesy of College Football Hall of Fame

Before MLS filled thousands of seats in the Mercedes Benz Arena, Atlanta rooted itself in a rich sports history. So, if you’re the kind of sports fan that loves seeing how your favorite teams came to be, head to places like the College Football Hall of Fame. There, you can see the best players that have ever crossed a yard line or caught a touchdown.

Atlanta’s sports history isn’t just about college football, though. Intown Atlanta real estate is fairly close to Centennial Park. This park is most notable for the Olympic Rings that still hang there from the Summer Olympics held in 1996. Walk in the same steps as global champions by exploring this historic park. You might even take inspiration and go on a bike ride or jog there.

By the stadiums

When you head to downtown Atlanta, the Mercedes Benz stadium can feel like the center of the city. It’s large, exciting, and a landmark of Atlanta. Many homebuyers will see it while looking for Midtown Atlanta homes for sale.

Given the stadium’s prominence, sports fans can make entire day plans centered on their sports outings. Not only can you see a Braves or United game, but you can enjoy the rest of downtown’s thrills. You and your kids can have the best day watching some sports before heading out to a picnic in Centennial Park or joining walking tours of the Coca-Cola Museum or the Georgia Aquarium.

Because of how central sports are in Atlanta life, any Intown Atlanta real estate owner can make them weekly highlights of their life. Bond with your loved ones over each stadium hot dog and cheer with the crowd.

Sports communities

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Sport and Social Club

Beyond professional athletics, Atlanta is great for sports fans because it’s home to a lively population of recreational players. Between the lovely weather and the many parks around town, there are a variety of sports clubs and opportunities out there for you, your kids, and your friends.

For example, the Atlanta Sport and Social Club is a recreational sports group that supports a huge community of non-professional athletes. They hold different scrimmages throughout the year, with a wide range of game options. You can either flex your basketball skills or try out pickleball as a novice. Everyone is welcome. From cornhole to soccer, kickball to bowling, there’s a sport for pretty much anyone who wants to get involved.

Also, for families who have recently moved into Midtown Atlanta homes for sale, there are dozens of classes around the area to help your children learn whatever sport they love. There are even adult classes, too, so if you want to learn kickboxing, head out and get your muscles moving. In Atlanta, sports are for everyone.

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