5 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Brookhaven Home

5 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Brookhaven Home

  • Intown Collective
  • 01/2/23

Do you want to sell your home in Brookhaven or any of the other charming suburbs of Atlanta? Are you worried your home will remain on the market for months without any potential leads?  Fortunately, there are things that you can do that can drastically increase the number of offers made so you can sell quickly and for top dollar. Here’s how!

1. Price it right

The first thing that many homebuyers will look for in any listing is the price. That is why you must ensure that your home is priced to sell. If you price your home too high, then it is possible that many homebuyers will not even consider your home as they will think it is out of their budget. If most homebuyers dismiss your home as being too pricey, it might create a situation in which it sits on the market for many months. When this happens, it can create a stigma as many homebuyers begin wondering what is wrong with the home.

To ensure that many homebuyers will look at your home, it is necessary to come up with a price that will entice many people to click on your listing. The first thing that you need to do is to get your home appraised. A home appraiser will come up with a fair market value after looking at certain parameters such as the home's size, style, age, and condition. A real estate agent will then use the home appraisal results to compile a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A real estate agent can then recommend a fair and comparable price with other similar luxury homes in Brookhaven. By coming up with a fair and competitive price for your Brookhaven home for sale, you will be able to entice many homebuyers to click on your listing and ultimately make offers.

2. Prep your home for staging

When getting ready to list your home for sale, you need to prep it for staging. Staged homes can often get anywhere from 1% and 5% more offers than a home that has not been staged. This is because a staged home allows home buyers to visualize their future lives in your home better. Consider hiring a professional stager to help you clean, declutter, and rearrange your furniture and other artifacts to appeal to many home buyers. In addition, a professional stager will recommend what color palette to use and elegant finishing touches so that your home will be beautiful and captivating. For example, this luxury home in Brookhaven has gorgeous bouquets and bowls of flowers strategically placed on tables to make homebuyers feel at home. When home buyers feel at ease with effective staging, your home can spend up to 73% less time on the market and even sell for 25% more!

3. Timing matters

Many home buyers might think that the day you list your home does not matter. Or, some might think it is best to list a home at the beginning of the week, so that prospective buyers can start searching for a new home. However, the best day of the week to list a home is not at the beginning of the week. Instead, it has been proven that listing your home on a Thursday is the most optimal day. Studies have shown that a listing published on a Thursday can sell up to five days faster than homes on a Sunday. The theory is that many home buyers are wrapping up their work week and making plans for the weekend. This way, they can view the listing, plan to visit the home over the weekend, and then go under contract by the following Tuesday. By listing on a Thursday, sellers can catch interested buyers at the right time.

The best season to sell

Generally, the real estate market becomes more active in the spring. When the weather gets warmer, many home buyers start their home search. Many home buyers with families often want to find a new home before the start of the new school year. Furthermore, homes listed in the spring often look fantastic under the bright sunlight surrounded by blooming flowers. With many people looking for a new home in the spring, there are more chances that you will get more offers made on your Brookhaven home!

4. Consider open houses

Open houses are a traditional way for many interested home buyers to learn more about the home. The most crucial benefit to hosting an open house is that it allows you to bring in many potential home buyers in the hope of a sale. Although it is true that everyone who attends an open house will not be interested in purchasing a home right now, it is a great way to increase exposure to your home. Furthermore, you can use open houses to highlight your home’s best features. If the open house is successful, interested home buyers will schedule a private showing or immediately make an offer on your Brookhaven home.

5. Brand your home

The essential thing to remember in selling a home is to curate an effective branding strategy. When branding your home, you need to consider your target audience. For example, who would be the ideal buyers for your home in Brookhaven? Generally, many Brookhaven homes appeal to families with a tight-knit community, spacious interiors, expansive plots of land, excellent schools, and plenty of amenities nearby.

By identifying the right buyer for your home, you can create a slogan, logo, and other high-quality marketing materials geared toward the demographic. Sellers have various options, from creating single-property websites highlighting the home’s best features to sending direct email campaigns to targeted homebuyers. Consider working with your real estate agent, who specializes in marketing and can guide you on the best strategy so your Brookhaven home can receive many offers!

Interested in selling your home in Brookhaven? Schedule a consultation with the expert realtors at Intown Collective! This premier real estate group can offer expert guidance, from executing innovative marketing strategies to effective pricing. The experts at Intown Collective can sell your home quickly and for top dollar!

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