10 Movies and TV Shows Recently Filmed in Atlanta

10 Movies and TV Shows Recently Filmed in Atlanta

  • Intown Collective
  • 11/19/22

Atlanta is a booming city with something new around every block. From Buckhead through Atlantic Station in the heart of Atlanta all the way down to East point, Atlanta has all the sights and sounds one might expect from a big city. Among these is the familiar appearance of cordoned-off streets and dazzling lights. They dangle from cranes and shine on beautiful actors and rugged, bat-wielding zombie slayers. Yes, the film industry in Atlanta is alive and always in action.

Filming is so large in Atlanta that people have begun referring to the ATL as “the Hollywood of The South.” With so many people moving here for the chance to become a star or meet celebrities, what sort of productions take place in the heart of The South?

Fear the Walking Dead

Marketed as a spin-off to AMC’s world-renowned TV series The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead takes place before the events of the original TV series. The seventh season aired in 2021 and has now been green-lit for the eighth season. In keeping with the original show, Fear the Walking Dead is being filmed in Georgia. The filming of this show takes place all across the state, with one of the most notable locations just outside the greater Atlanta area in Senoia, GA.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Photo courtesy of MARCA
A name that few people need an introduction to, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has been in production for some time. The film, originally slated for July 2022 and pushed back to November 2022, was filming in Atlanta, GA as recently as February 2022. Passersby could stop for a moment and see the actors from a distance. You could watch them sprinting through streets and tackling heinous villains–ones that only the actors could see, at least.

The Pain Merchants aka Pain Hustlers

Pain Hustlers is a film that people know little about currently. What we do know, however, is that Chris Evans, famously known for his lead role in Captain America and subsequent films, has joined Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place). They co-star in this film, which was reported to feel like an eclectic mix of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short. The film is currently in production in Atlanta. While specific set locations are unknown, anyone who lives in Atlanta might get lucky and get a moment with some of these famous actors.

The Vampire Diaries

The eight-season show, which also spawned two spin-offs, was filmed in various locations around Georgia, including Covington, a town about 35 miles from Atlanta. While the majority of the show was filmed in Covington, several locations (including the Salvatore Boarding House) were filmed at locations within Atlanta. Head to 598 Abernathy Road in northeast Atlanta, and you’ll find the real-life location where Damon and Stefan, vampire brothers over a century old, lived.

Black Girl Stuff

Photo courtesy of REVOLT TV
Black Girl Stuff is a REVOLT production in Atlanta that many viewers can rally around. It is a talk show hosted by five black women that is touted as a “for us, by us” production. It focuses on Gen Z and Millennial topics from a black woman’s perspective. They bring on influencers and celebrities from the younger generations and have unapologetically black conversations about important topics. Not only is this TV series hosted by black women, but with the belief that black women are a powerful driving force in contemporary culture across the country, they have a primarily black female crew working behind the scenes to produce the highest quality content. 

The Family Affair

Here is a romantic comedy film that began filming in Atlanta, GA on August 2nd, 2022. Richard LaGravenese directs The Family Affair as the film explores the comic consequences of a young woman revolving around love, sex, and identity in work and personal life. The cast will feature Zac Efron, Joey King, Nicole Kidman, Kathy Bates, and Liza Koshy. It shouldn’t be hard to guess what roles these actors will be playing, though there have been no official announcements.

A Man in Full

This Netflix TV series is based on the 1998 novel by Tom Wolfe of the same name. The novel is set in Atlanta, with a portion of the story in San Francisco. Naturally, the filming is taking place in Atlanta as well. It follows the story of Charlie Croker, played by Jeff Daniels, a real estate mogul facing sudden bankruptcy and a wave of malicious individuals who want to take advantage of his downfall. The story of A Man in Full is not too far-fetched either. Atlanta is a prosperous city with an impressive real estate industry. Watch the TV series, and maybe you’ll find yourself enticed and calling a luxury real estate agent in Atlanta. Intown Atlanta real estate and Buckhead, GA real estate are two heavily desired real estate areas.

Married to Real Estate

Photo courtesy of HGTV
On the note of real estate, HGTV’s television series Married to Real Estate is filming a second season, which is set to air in 2023. The show follows a real estate broker and her builder husband as they juggle the tasks of running a real estate company, renovating and managing different estates, and raising three children. It is well received and praised as “very real” on and off camera. In the second season, viewers can expect to see the married couple leveraging their knowledge and expertise in the market, construction, and design to find affordable homes in ideal locations and turn them into dream houses.

The Hunger Games franchise

Although the first installment in this hugely popular movie franchise, based on the bestselling novels by Suzanne Collins, was filmed in North Carolina, subsequent movies were filmed in and around Atlanta! Locations like The Murphy Avenue Warehouse and the beach at Clayton County International Park were all put to use to film these movies. The Hunger Games movies tell a dystopian story of a world where 24 children are chosen each year to fight to the death in an arena. Over the course of four films, the franchise grossed nearly $3 billion.

Stranger Things

One of the biggest original shows to hit Netflix, Stranger Things is a juggernaut of entertainment. The show, set in the 1980s, follows a group of kids who get caught up among some supernatural forces in their small town. Atlanta locations used for the series include the South Bend Pool, Patrick Henry Adult Education, and Gwinnett Place Mall. Look up all the locations and take a Stranger Things-themed Atlanta tour!

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